Of Abstract and Poppies…

Artful Crafting – Challenge 6 Made with Alcohol Inks

Hope everyone is doing great and a very hearty Congratulations to the winners from Challenge 5 :) Normally the new challenge is scheduled to go live at midnight on the Second Saturday of the month, this time we are a few days late. But the challenge this time is a really versatile one, and Artful Crafting’s 6th Challenge is ‘Made with Alcohol Inks’! :D

I was super super excited when I heard of this new challenge theme, firstly because I didnt own any alcohol inks and had been longing to get my hands on some to just try them out. Alcohol Inks are really versatile and there are so so many ways they can be used. They are dye inks but with alcohol as an additive and so their drying time is super fast. They are basically designed for non-porous surfaces such as metal, glass, plastic, resin, glossy cardstock etc but that definitely does not mean they cannot be used on paper. They have nice vibrant shades and come in so many colors along with metallic mixatives as well…

Enough with the intro, here is the super awesome kit I received from Artful Crafting. The kit had 3 bottles of alcohol ink: Raisin, Butterscotch and Pool along with the Gold Mixative, a pack of Alcohol Ink Applicator Felt and few sheets of the Ranger Alcohol Ink Cardstock (all products are linked in the end).


So this time I dont have a photo tutorial, not that I didnt want to share but because of the fact that alcohol ink dries so fast that I couldnt get pictures in between each step. I promise I will make a video tutorial soon and share with you all here on my blog (I have yet to make a video tutorial so this will hopefully get me to make one now).

So once I got hold of the kit, I began experimenting with the inks. Now I didnt have the Alcohol Ink Blending Solution on hand and I realized a bit too late, as Artful Crafting was closed for a few days. So I had to find a way to use them without the blending solution. The kit included the Ranger cardstock designed specially for Alcohol Inks and so I tried them out on that first by just dropping the ink on to the surface and also by using the felt with the applicator. Its very interesting the effect you get on that, the ink gets absorbed into the paper and yet spreads out as well. Then the next thing I tried was using them on plastic sheets (the A4 ones you can easily get from any stationers that are stiff and used in book binding etc). I loved how they flowed freely on the plastic.

I was so excited that I watched I think a dozen videos featuring Alcohol Inks, when I came across a video by Sara Sandberg, in which she makes beautiful abstract paintings with alcohol ink by blowing it around with a plastic drinking straw! I was so so inspired and decided to give that a go. I decided to make an art ’tile’ kind of piece. I took the plastic sheet and dropped a drop of the raisin and tried to blow it with a straw, did certainly not get the same result as she demonstrated in the video but it was still fun and the drying time was so quick. Kept adding drops which resulted in a very organic pattern. The fun thing was that when you add drops on an existing dried drop it ‘separates’ and exposes the layer underneath. After adding a few drops I thought the shapes looked a lot like flowers and so I decided to give them more definition. I added a couple of pool ink drops one at a time in the center to define them. Then I mixed the pool and butterscotch inks to make a green ink which i used to paint the stems with a paintbrush. A few gold drops scattered around and i loved the overall look. I decided to adhere the reverse side of the plastic sheet (the ink side facing the cardstock) to some yellow cardstock using black eyelets with the crop-a-dile eyelet setter ofcourse. And my ‘Art Tile’ was finished! :D

Amna Hasan - Made with Alcohol Inks


Because of the plastic sheet I couldnt get some angles since I kept seeing my reflection in it :P But I do hope you all can see the amazing colors and layers, it is so much better in real!


Really hope this inspired you all to get hold of alcohol inks and take part in the challenge too. Will be back soon with a video tutorial for this (wish me luck :P).

Until then,
Amna xx


Alcohol Ink Raisin
Alcohol Ink Butterscotch
Alcohol Ink Pool
Alcohol Ink Gold Metallic Mixative
Alcohol Ink Applicator Felt
Ranger Alcohol Ink Cardstock

– Plastic Binding Sheets
– Drinking Straws
WRMK Crop-a-dile eyelet and hole punch setter

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10 thoughts on “Of Abstract and Poppies…

  1. Jaihan says:

    Amna, you are a pure artist. this is amazing. I saw many painting tutorials but could not get myself to try it. you have done a wonderful job with it! this is a framer I tell you!!

  2. Aisha says:

    Amnaaaa! This is such a work of art, mashaAllah! I think of random splotches when i think alcohol inks. This is my favoritest! beautifully done and explained :))

  3. Saba Musharrif says:

    This is so artistic Amna! mashallah. Its gorgeous. By the way, i tried blowing on them with a straw too, but they wouldn’t budge and dried instantly, haha! I guess the weather plays a big role. Anyway, your project is just amazing! <3

    • Amna says:

      Thank you so much Saba! Did you try on the AI cardstock or a plastic sheet? Would need a generous blob of ink and maybe dont work under a fan… It doesnt spread as much as i saw in the tutorial vide by Sara Sandberg but still does spread to some extent. Do try again, im sure it’ll work out! Thank you!

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