My side of the story…

…3 drafts and 5 revisions later.


I have this quote up in front of me and well I only seem to notice it when I’m at least done with a few drafts of anything I set out to do; I’m still glad it’s there…

I love challenges, have a Bachelors degree in Computer Arts (majors in Graphic Design), am often seen with my Nikon in hand and have recently taken to paper crafting as a second profession. Also in case you haven’t already noticed, I’m currently obsessed with the color coral!

From an early age and throughout the various phases of my life I have always had a creative outlet. In my childhood I was deeply fascinated with drawing and basic origami; in my teens it was all about weaving and knotting friendship bracelets which led to candle making and on to my experimentation with metal wires, and during my university years I started making wire and bead jewelry for myself and my friends. However, when it was time to choose for my design final year project, I felt myself drawn back to paper and wanted to explore the endless possibilities it possessed. Origami came into play and after a lot of folding, I did a successful brand identity launch for ‘Little Paper Play Thing’, a fun conceptual store that had paper products that were multi-functional in nature.

After my graduation in 2008, I began my design career with a local design firm catering to an international audience. After four years of great exposure and learning I moved on to an INGO as their lead graphic designer.

It was not until 2013, that I was exposed to the paper crafting community in my country and I realized that I had access to branded craft supplies as well. That was when my paper crafting journey began…

In October 2013, I founded The Creative Element and launched with a facebook page. However, the 8-5 life left me no time to craft and soon I felt I needed to quit my day job and so I could spend more time doing what I love. In May 2014, I took the decision and jumped head-first into the wonderful realm of paper crafting. A year and a successful debut exhibition later (in one of the biggest craft shows in the country, The Crafter’s Expo) I haven’t looked back. It has been a learning curve all along the way and will continue to be. I’m no expert and don’t have a hundred projects to my credit unlike other fellow crafters who have been engaged in this journey before me; but I have gained appreciation in this short time and I want to build on that. My recent selection for the first every design team of Pakistan was something that came as a surprise and I look forward to many more wonderful experiences.

Its been quite sometime I had wanted to take up blogging, but wasnt sure which of my creative outlets I wanted to blog about and well it was worth the wait. Now I’m here and its a new beginning. Hppefully here there will be something for everyone, from a novice to an experienced paper crafter, lots of inspiration (I hope) and just fun stuff about me and my life.

I currently reside with my parents and four siblings in Chattar, a beautiful valley up-north of Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. If you’re around the area, do drop by, I would love to have you over :)


The surroundings where I live

Thank you for dropping by!
Amna xx

Graphic designer, Paper Crafter, avid Photographer and a Foodie.
Loves all things handmade and things with clean, bold, graphic & minimalist styles. Lives in a beautiful valley north of Islamabad, Pakistan.

20 thoughts on “My side of the story…

  1. Khadija says:

    Hello my fav crafter!!! :D
    so good to see you in artful crafting’s DT. Cant wait to see what you guys are going to bring to us after Monday. Super excited for you all.
    Good luck. :)

  2. Erum says:

    you live in heaven?! Dude that is a beautiful photo! It’s so greeeeeenn :D mashahallah
    This is going to be such a fun ride Amna, it will be a roller coaster I tell ya but SUPER fun! It was nice reading a bit more about you :) I wish you nothing but all good things, best of the best things. Ameen.
    *hugs* good luck!

    • Amna says:

      Thank you so much! :) <3 Its wonderful having the support of fellow and inspiring crafters such as yourself! :D Wishing you all the best of everything in life too always! Ameen
      *hug back* xx

  3. Aisha says:

    Love this post! And im very excited to see the awesome contribution to crafts you make. best of luck! and my trip to your lovely resort/home is due still. hope we can manage that soon! <3 best wishes

    • Amna says:

      Thank you! <3 and I just noticed we're using the same wordpress theme! :P like minds think alike! Yes your visit is due for sure, let me know if you can manage the next saturday perhaps?

  4. jaihan says:

    It was nice to hear your story. Although we have had a short meeting, I never got the chance to know more about you. All the best Amna with this exciting new year as a DT member.
    And yes, you sure do live in heaven :)

    • Amna says:

      Same here, perhaps we will get to know each other better now when we work as a team :) All the best to you too, am so glad to be working with you and Amina.
      And you must come over when you’re in Pakistan next time :)

  5. Amina says:

    Hey Amna … MashaAllah your blog is awesome!!! cant wait to see all the beauties you create and share :) and wow your surroundings must be gorgeous… lots of inspiration. Best wishes and duas your way.

  6. Ayesha says:

    Oh Myyy Daaaays !!!
    Firstly your surroundings are sooo breathtaking im not surprised how you end up creating beauty so much inspiration ;)
    Loved reading about your journey through life and into the realm of paper crafts…. i too have swiveled into various crafts starting with card making ..embroidery … stitching … origami ;) oh yes ! .. quilling and picked up crochet during all the exploration ……….only recently tried my hand on needle felt too. I love each craft but life’s too short to keep trying new things and want to master if not all then at least paper craft and crochet ;) …
    Keep up your lovely work … best regards
    ps: do share more pics of your surroundings :D

    • Amna says:

      Firstly thank you for going through my blog posts and taking time out to comment, means so much! :)
      Im so glad that you’re into other craft realms as well, I think it really helps boost your creative levels doing different things. AND crochet is amazing! would love to see your creations, have only been able to see the ones in the photo gallery when I click your gravatar. If you have a blog do share the link with me please :)
      p.s. hope you checked out the latest post on the organization tips as well…

      • Ayesha says:

        Morning ^_^
        I tried blogging but i am very active on facebook networking pages so found it difficult to blog as well already feel i am 24/7 on facebook lol ..
        I havent been able to as i found out the subscriptions had paused elsewhere and there was yet another step before i received updates etc :) anyway will do so …
        best regards

        • Amna says:

          lol but trust me it really does help to blog :) Do let me know if you’re facing any issue with subscribing to the blogs maybe i can help… Thank you!

          • Ayesha says:

            It’s embarrassing really i may not be a tech savy but am not half as illiterate with IT either but seems like i probably will need help :) first let me try and get my husband to fix it haha…
            thank you for offering to help will let you know if i hit a dead end :D

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