February here I come!

My last post for Crafty Kickstart 16

Hello Everyone :)

Hope all of you have been keeping well. Im back with the last post for the Crafty Kickstart 16, month of January; the month sure flew by. Hope it helped kickstart some of your mojos, certainly helped mine.

Life aside, I feel just a month for a creative is probably the craziest roller coaster ride with the most ups and downs ever in terms of finding and retaining your mojo. In my case, it is difficult to switch between creative tasks of different natures all the time (graphic design and crafting) but I have felt I need to create something with my hands as well to keep the creative juices flowing or I end up with a block. One day I wake up all charged and ready to take on the most difficult project on my list and then on days I dont even feel like taking pictures of completed projects and posting them up on social media.

Since there isnt going to be someone around everyday to charge me up and tell me that I can take over the world today, I need to be that someone and tell myself that ‘myself’ :P Even though the days when im ALL charged up are still less in comparison with the days when my mojo is lying dead somewhere, I feel that they would have been even fewer if I didnt get to see a beautiful picture, a motivational quote OR have a list of goals in front of me for the year to know what direction to take.

Here’s one to kickstart with :P

“You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S.Lewis

So lets talk about a few of my crafty goals for 2016… Coloring is all the rage these days and there are a lot of awesome adult coloring books coming out and being made available. Not only does coloring help with de-stressing and relaxing but I feel it is also a way to charge up your creative mojo, since everything we create is based on/involves color. So its surely something I feel we should all be doing more off. One of my many goals this year is to color more and to create more projects with colored in images.

How many of you have heard of The Daily Marker?. It is an amazing blog by Kathy Racoosin, who is a wonderful crafter and her coloring skills are beyond amazing! She also hosts ‘The Daily Marker 30 day Coloring Challenge’ on her blog and shares on instagram as well and has hosted 3 challenges now, one every few months but I found out about it only recently. The challenge asks you to take out some time daily for 30 consecutive days for coloring into something. Can be 5 minutes a day or can be coloring into something as small as a critter or a portion of a coloring book for that matter. The idea is to color more and find some ‘me time’ everyday.


The 4th Challenge starts on February 1st, two days from now and I am hoping to join in this time around :) I will be sharing my daily coloring on my instagram account and will be blogging frequently as well. I dont own any markers (yet :P), but have my distress inks, prima watercolor pencils, derwent watercolor pencils and some artist watercolors that im planning to be using. I dont own many outline stamp sets either that can be used for coloring so lets see how I go about it. Im hoping to color in pieces that I can use to make more cards, which comes to another of my goals this year, to make a 100 cards and im certainly lagging behind so hoping I can catch up this coming month. Im inviting all of you to join in with Kathy and me too :P lets all color and create together :D

Another one of my goals this year is to make videos of my projects. I know I have been wanting to since quite some time and have mentioned in a few of my earlier posts as well but I just havnt gotten around to it. Im hoping this year will certainly change that, and to push myself to get to it faster I set-up a youtube channel for The Creative Element a few days back. Do subscribe if you would wish to see videos from my side, hoping to add in some coloring videos in this coming month :)

This is what i live by,

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve not by the desire to beat others.” Ayn Rand

Am excited for February :D im looking to be participating in the month long coloring challenge, inspiring you all with my project for the Artful Crafting Challenge, making some process videos and catching up on my goal for making a 100 cards this year :) Let’s all set some ‘attainable’ crafty goals and work towards them together. Its a never-ending journey…

Here is one of my favorite quotes,

“Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy.” Anonymous

Lets all keep giving and sharing positive energy :) Keep a look out for wonderful posts from Amina and Jaihan to conclude the crafty kickstart month. The winners will be announced on the Artful Crafting blog on Feb 1st as well. It has been wonderful sharing with all of you this month and I really enjoyed the interaction from your side as well. Thank you for joining in and lets all continue to do so.

Oh and btw the header image for this post is a gorgeous wallpaper, which along with a few others can be downloaded from here. Here’s the full image


Isnt it gorgeous? So inspired to create something in black and pink with a hint of green :D

Until next time,
Amna xx

Graphic designer, Paper Crafter, avid Photographer and a Foodie.
Loves all things handmade and things with clean, bold, graphic & minimalist styles. Lives in a beautiful valley north of Islamabad, Pakistan.

18 thoughts on “February here I come!

  1. Amina Ishfaq says:

    What a lovely post Amna… I will definitely be taking part in the daily marker challenge on instagram. So excited about it :-)
    Cannot wait to see your videos on yt
    and I love the wall paper… so inspiring :-) Thanks for sharing

    • Amna says:

      Im more excited on doing the daily marker together with you and Jaihan and I hope other crafty girls join in too :D
      I do hope to make some this coming month, hoping for the best ❤

  2. Ayesha says:

    Assalam o alaikum,,,
    Thank you for another lovely post :) ..enjoyed to the end and related well with craft block .. i am however lucky, i have noticed when it’s a NO NO for paper crafts it’s always YES for crochet :D so i do switch from one to other ……
    Color a day sounds fantastic … i probably would be lacking consistency not my strength confession! .. this month was extremely busy for me too i have been involved in social networking on facebook trying to get my business out there takes up a lot of time. Learnt a lot in the process.
    Will be looking forward to your videos :)
    and last but not the least… the wall paper is breathtaking i have seen this type in orange/rust so far but this color combo is the first :)
    best regards xx

    • Amna says:

      Wailaikum Salaam :)
      Im so glad you liked it, and always Yes for crochet? thats fantastic :D
      Ayesha please do join in, do try, Im also trying not to think about being consistent right now but a few minutes a day shudnt be a problem right? :P Im so glad you’re networking and yes it does take effort to get the word out but IA you’ll be rolling soon. Hoping to make some this month, going to push myself too lets hope it works out. Wallpaper is love yes! xx

  3. Mamoona Mehwish says:

    Your writing style is so engaging, you should write more (and craft more :D)
    A 100 cards goal…. It’ll be a treat for our eyes! Will definitely check the 30 day colouring challenge .
    Best wishes & thanks for a lovely January

    • Amna says:

      Thank you so much Mamoona! im so happy you like my writing style, you made my day and you’re the only one who commented on it :D For this you will get a handmade card from me! message me your address :)
      Oh yes big goal, hoping it works out! Do check and do join in for the challenge, it will be fun, its just a few minutes a day. thank you for interacting, been wonderful xx

  4. Jaihan says:

    Lovely post!!!
    Craftykickstart16 definitely helped me too. I don’t think I would’ve managed so many projects in a month. So much encouragement and love kept us going :)
    Thank you for the heads up for the coloring challenge too. :D looking forward to your yt now since you rock at photography already :D

    • Amna says:

      I know same here, wudnt have ever done these many posts either lol seriously :) im more excited for joining in the challenge with you and Amina :P IA I hope i manage to xx

  5. sharooq says:

    I will miss you! Each and every post of this January was inspiring and motivating, we really do appreciate it! Thank you very much. Apart from mixed media, my second fear is water coloring. Would love to see some awesome projects from you. Well, I just want to thank you again for this month. I now know where to go when I’m down on mojo, all of you have been inspirational. Thank you. :)

    • Amna says:

      Im not going anywhere! Dont leave me rather :P
      Im so glad you enjoyed and join in on the daily marker and ill definitely be sharing some watercolor projects, though im not an expert so we’ll learn along :D

  6. Injela Jamshaid says:

    Great post! Coloring is something that I loved doing when I was little.. Had been through an open heart surgery and all I used to do was ‘coloring’ in the hospital. 😁 it was fun. And your post makes me wanna do it again! 😊

    • Amna says:

      Oh God! Really you had an open heart surgery? Hope you’re in good health now. I havnt colored in a long time either, join in lets see if we still have it in us :P

  7. Asna Yousuf says:

    lovely post Amna…I just colored once after started Paper Madness and enjoyed it…will be looking forward to join the challenge Insha Allah…thanks for sharing… :)

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