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My favorite Instagrammers :)

Hello :)

Im back with my post for the Crafty Kickstart 16 series. Its the 21st today, time sure does fly! Have two more rounds of posts after this one and then we’ll be calling it a month and announcing the winners of the 5 artful crafting vouchers :D If you still havnt joined in, you know what to do :)

So all of us get a creative block once in a while. When I have one, I usually find it best to either indulge in some totally different hobby, like if im having trouble getting my crafty mojo back on, i’ll grab my dslr and head outside to take some photographs and admire nature or will be lazy and either have my mobile in hand or laptop in my lap and browse through some of my favorite crafty blogs/accounts for hours and hours and that will usually charge me up!

I am following around 400 accounts on Instagram and I love seeing an update from each and everyone of them, but since I cant include all of them in this post, so I thought I will share with you a few of my very favorite ones and especially those that I turn too FIRST for inspiration!

Also please do note that the lists are not in any order of preference and just the names as I remembered them :)

Card Makers

Yoonsun Hur
May Sukyong Park
Ruby Naz
Hussena Cal
Yana Smakula
Laura Bassen
Jennifer McGuire
Kristina Werner
Laura Jane
Becca Feekan
Joy Taylor
Donna Mikasa
Julia Altermann
Kay Miller
Marika Rahutu
Barbara Smith Anders
Hannelie Bester

Mixed Media Artists

Gabrielle Pollaco
Anna Dabrowska
Elena Morgun
Marta Lapkowska


Terhi Koskinen
Kim Watson
Jaya Raghuvanshi


Mahoor Jamal
Holly Nichols


Cristina Colli
Emma Harris
Maimona Jamal Badi


Jessica Colaluca
Melissa Smith
Kristina Werner

I am hoping that you all will find the above list helpful and inspiring in times of a creative blockade. Do let me know if you would like to see more of ‘my favorites’ posts :)

Also do follow me on instagram if you want to see some sneal peaks and behind the scenes from The Creative Element . I havnt been able to post since I fell ill but ill be catching up real soon.


Graphic designer, Paper Crafter, avid Photographer and a Foodie.
Loves all things handmade and things with clean, bold, graphic & minimalist styles. Lives in a beautiful valley north of Islamabad, Pakistan.

20 thoughts on “Inspiration at its Best!

  1. Asna Yousuf says:

    I love all 4 of mixed media artists and follow them on facebook and youtube and now on Instagram too….their work is just awesome..

  2. Mamoona Mehwish says:

    When i get a craft block, i usually read Harry Potter series all over again. Watch a good movie or go to my mum’s place to stay ( talking to mom is the best therapy for any problem)

    I usually dont have enough time to browse different sites/blogs. Will visit your fav blogs for sure. Thanks!

    • Amna says:

      Thats great! What works for one person may not work for the other, its about finding the thing that works for you :)
      And Mom’s are the best!

  3. Mamoona Mehwish says:

    Another tip is to re-organise my supplies, this way many stowed away things reappear from the land of the lost. Paper scraps that were kept just i case i need them (which i know never happens – lol) are thrown away or given to kids for collage work.
    A clutter-free environment provides a peace that helps focusing on crafting.

    • Amna says:

      Surely going through your supplies reminds you what you have lol I know I have all my papers stacked up nicely and I know where but dont remember which ones or which patterns/colors :P some days I too just like picking up my patterned paper and going through all of them, infact that helps and I might want to use some papers then which I couldnt get ideas for earlier :) Sigh clutter free environment for me helps to find stuff but to focus im not too sure, I need everything out and around me or I dont remember what I have or I can use :P

  4. Injela Jamshaid says:

    I follow a lot them from your list too. And they are also my inspirations whenever I need one. And yes we would like to know about your other favorites too especially about your photography. 😁

    • Amna says:

      Thats great! :) amazing inspiration seriously! My other favorites list might get really long lol What would you like to know about photography? let me know ill have a post up on it soon and will try to include what you want to know :)

  5. Sharooq says:

    My god! I’ll bookmark for future reference. Thanks for sharing when most seem to think their products are copyrighted when they too have been ‘inspired’ off the net. My mojo is dead I think or has run over by a truck somewhere… Lol, can’t seem to muster energy for any project. Let’s see if these give me inspiration enough to get off my lazy exterior! ;)

    • Amina Ishfaq says:

      haha!! yes we all go through crafty blocks… I get mine pretty often and during that time I watch YT videos..Listening and watching other crafters creating helps me to find my crafty mojo. I do love videos by Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner. I can watch them over and over again. Another thing that really helps me is crafty shopping :-P

      • Amna says:

        Jennifer and Kristina are awesome and I love watching your videos too Amina! :D the crafty shopping bit, I dont think anyone would disagree :P

    • Amna says:

      They surely will! :D dont worry my mojo hit rock bottom too, force yourself to make something to get it back and then you’ll be swarmed with ideas and wish you had more time :P

  6. Jaihan says:

    I usually give Crafting a break and let the block recover completely (forced projects are usually a disaster :p) but I get inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest for sure.

    Man, this list was helpful! Thank you ❤ added the missing ones. :)

    • Amna says:

      Same here, when I have a block I dont feel like crafting but Ive noticed that when you have to make projects by force like for the design team it helps rejuvenate the mojo a bit :) ❤

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