A Crafty Kickstart to 2016!

Intro + First Post

Hello Everyone! :) Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Hope all of you have been doing great and had a wonderful 2015 and are looking forward to the new year. Just a quick reminder, the deadline to enter into the Artful Crafting’s #9 ‘Altered’ Challenge for the month of December ends tomorrow, hoping to see some more link-ups from all of you today.

So, for the month of January, im sure all of you must be wondering what’s all the Crafty Kickstart hype about :) This month its going to be different, we wont be having a challenge.


We’re stepping into the new year and are making January a ‘crafty month’ where all of us will be sharing a crafty project or a tip or a post about our favorite supplies on our blogs, all in the hope to kickstart everyone’s crafty mojos for 2016! AND we would love it if you played along with us and joined in the fun. And that’s not all, we will also be giving away some Artful Crafting vouchers at the end of the month, 5 to be exact! Artful Crafting is an online craft store based in Pakistan and caters internationally as well, so everyone can join in… That’s 5 big chances to win! isnt that awesome? and its going to be a lot of fun! :D

So, to participate, you need to:

1. Subscribe to all of the team members blogs by hopping on the following links and then subscribing via email using the links in the sidebar

Amina- http://mylimejournal.com/subscribe
Jaihan – http://her-creative-world.blogspot.co.uk/
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Shereen – http://artful-crafting.com/wordpress/
and of course mine as well :) You’ll find the subscribe via email link just below my bio in the sidebar on to the right.

2. Comment on the blog posts with your own opinions, point of views etc… The more you comment, the more chances you have to win.

3. Share your own tips, ideas, projects etc and let us know by messaging us, or tagging us. (optional but gets extra brownie points)

Since the idea is to share crafty love, we really do want all of you to join in on the sharing too. Doesn’t have to be anything you create, just a small crafty tip will be perfect too and if you do please share it on Instagram with the hashtag #craftykickstart16

AND NOW i’ll be kickstarting 2016 with the first post, an organization post that has really worked out for me and Id love for you all to try and hope that it works out for you too! :) I applied and adapted a few organizing tips this year and am loving, courtesy of Jennifer McGuire, who btw is absolutely amazing. Im going to share one of them with you in this post which has really helped me out, organizing colored cardstock.

So first of all just a small brief about my crafting space, I dont have a separate craft room (hoping I can change that this year, fingers crossed) so am working from my bedroom, which i wudnt recommend to anyone but if you’re starting out and are limited on space hopefully you’ll be able to cordon off a part of the room so your stuff wont takeover the entire room when you work.

Now I have quite a few 12″ x 12″ colored plain cardstocks and dotted essentials as well, but mostly since we get cardstock sheets 20″ x 30″ size I had loads of those, enough to set up shop :P Now how did that happen, well since there isnt any standardization of colors (apart from a few) every time you go the shades do differ slightly and whenever I like a color I tend to buy a few sheets, normally 5, just because i know i might not find them again. Then when I use 3 out of 5 and have 2 left and they are less for a new project then I hop and go and get some more and ofcourse the shade differs.

Over time I had such a huge and heavy stack that I would find it difficult to just go through them to see what I had and I would just go and get some new ones. I decided to fix this out. First what I did was I got hold of the press and seal bags in the size that would fit a magazine holder (10″x 14″) and then cut the cardstock sheets to fit exactly into those bags. Then I grouped them color family wise and if I had more sheets of some colors I split them in two bags. And ofcourse I stored the smaller pieces with them too. This took quite a bit of time but it was well worth it and so easy to reach.

DSC_0055     DSC_0056


Then I diecut oval shapes (you can do any shape) from each cardstock shade I had and punched them on one end and added a book ring to it to make a cardstock swatch ring. Behind each of the diecut ovals I also noted in pencil how many pieces of that color I had in stock with me. And then when I use some, I just erase and update the quantity again. I also added to these swatches the dotted essentials colors sheets I had, they are plain on one side too and have some beautiful colors, as well as the gold and silver cardstocks too.



This has been a huge help! I just carry the swatch ring with me, match the shades to a project, if i dont have the exact shades I go ahead and purchase and I also know if I have enough for the project without even having to go through the cardstock sheets themselves. Also I do carry the swatch ring with me when I go to the stationary store just to make sure I dont buy extra sheets of some color I already have, I just take out my swatch ring and match and that has helped me save too :)

I do hope this post has been helpful and will motivate you all to organize your cardstock sheets/paper. I had wanted to share some project with you all today but hadnt gotten around to it because of being under the weather since the last few days.  Am finally catching up on everything now :)

As mentioned before there is going to be a daily post from either of us, the next post will go live tonight and Amina is going to be posting, followed by Jaihan, then Saba and finally Shereen. We’ll all be hoping to see you joining in on the fun!

lots of love and best wishes,


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Dotted Essentials
Bazzill Cardstock

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Loves all things handmade and things with clean, bold, graphic & minimalist styles. Lives in a beautiful valley north of Islamabad, Pakistan.

28 thoughts on “A Crafty Kickstart to 2016!

  1. Aisha says:

    what a fun month itll be! :)
    love your tip, very happy to have seen it before everyone else in person ;) haha. I only wish I had the time and patience to organize as nicely as you do. but lazy ones like myself do have some sneaky hacks every now and then,..lets see if mine will be of any use. lol

    • Amna says:

      haha yess! :D and surely a fun month! hoping you can participate and interact even though you wont be here… I know you’re not lazy and do share if you have any tips too :)

  2. Sharooq says:

    Amna, what a wonderful post. The idea is very neat, as I also tend to buy and buy and since there is dust issue and storage issue, the cardstock either gets damaged or a color over stocked. Will definitely try this out. And we could do the same with die and stamps too…I keep forgetting what stock I have. ;)
    Thanks, lovely post.

    • Amna says:

      Thank you so much Sharooq! Im so glad you found the post helpful and yes I have my stamps and dies organized too and I am loving that too, will share in a future post IA :)

    • Amna says:

      LOL my stuff is all over the place too, just organized in a few areas, but you should see what my room is like when im working on a project :D

  3. Hira Shoaib says:

    Stamps and dies and inks….organized but when it comes to cardstock i am the worst organizer!! Your post is really really helpful..will surely give it a go! Thanks!! N btw i love Jennifer Mcguire!

    • Amna says:

      How about ribbons? :P stay tuned for my next post, thank you for activating the subscription and yes who doesnt love Jennifer! xx

  4. Mamoona Mehwish says:

    This tip should be my new year resolution :D
    We’ve all bought these extra sheets for just-in-case. A very helpful post Amna

  5. Ayesha says:

    Hii Amna..
    I am truly impressed with your organizing skills and honest to God i can not do that lolzzz … too much hard work ;) my small inventory is stuffed in a large plastic storage box keke
    but loving the idea .. i am very spontaneous person i have to spread out my paper stacks around me and sit in the middle when im planning on making something ;)
    Bed room?? i envy you, my craft space is my dining table sniff sniff**
    Would love to hear your take on ribbons though … they’re a real pain.
    Looking forward to more of your makes xx
    best regards

    • Amna says:

      Hey Ayesha :) thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I know organizing takes a lot of effort and you’re always not in the mood too but trust me it really helps. And yes we all have to spread our paper stacks around us to work, this is only plain colored cardstock ;)
      And request noted about the ribbons, will definitely share what I do with them, stamps/dies and inks all in my next post, do subscribe so you are notified when it goes live xx thank you once again

  6. Saba Musharrif says:

    “whenever I like a color I tend to buy a few sheets, normally 5, just because i know i might not find them again. Then when I use 3 out of 5 and have 2 left and they are less for a new project then I hop and go and get some more and ofcourse the shade differs.” < — I do that tooo! hahaha

    great post by the way!

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