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Enamel Dots – A DIY Version

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, a long one close to ending in our part of the World. Its been consecutively raining here in Islamabad since the last 3 days and expected tomorrow as well, quite a chill in the air, onset of winter for sure. Was a bit under the weather all day but a crafty date with Aisha from Zee – Handmade with Love made it a super fun day! :D

So I have a DIY post to share with you all today. DIY is addictive, I know I love a good DIY anytime especially when it saves you not only on cost but especially when the result comes really close to the original.

One such crafty DIY that I am hoping you all will love is making your own enamel dots :D Enamel dots are the in thing these days and spice up a card or layout in no time, are the perfect accents in terms of color and size. There are many DIY versions available on the internet and I had been wanting to take a go at them since quite sometime and finally did :)

Here are the enamel dots I created! What do you all think? Pretty neat no? :D
AND the best part they are super simple, very cost effective and you can make them in no time with the supplies you have on hand, no going out and purchasing perler beads, arranging them and baking in the oven; no wasting loads of glossy or enamel accents, and you’re only limited with the colors of nail polish that exist :D


So what you need is a glue gun and 2-3 gluesticks, a craft sheet and some colors of nail polish. Start off by plugging in your glue gun and waiting till it gets hot (mine starts to drip so I know its ready). Starting off from a corner of your sheet, squeeze lightly to release a tiny bit of glue bringing the gun as close to the surface of the mat so to make a dot. Dont worry about the size or if it isnt an exact circle or has a hump; the size you can vary, exact circles you will achieve if not with your first dot then surely with your forth or fifth one thats a guarantee, yes its that simple and the hump will even out itself! The resulting dots are not as flat as the store bought ones but I dont mind the slight raised dimension.

Here is my craft sheet filled up with dots using just 3 glue-sticks (I have the big nozzle gun and so it fits the wider glusticks not the thinner ones) I had on hand, and it took barely half an hour to get it covered up with all these dots. I tried to make a few lines in the width which were one size and then kept going smaller. I will be making some more big size ones, ended up making too many small ones but they are so pretty! You will also notice a string of glue going from one dot to the other, dont worry about that it breaks off in a jiffy when you remove the dots.



Next step, after giving it half an hour to dry, just to let them settle a bit, though you can do this 5-10 mins after your last dot too, dries pretty quickly. Scan your dots for any that may not be perfect circles and remove them, they come of the craft sheet like a charm. You definitely do not want to remove all of them thinking to make another batch and color them all later because it is next to impossible to ‘paint’ them if they are not stuck to a surface.


Now the fun part, bring out all the nail polish colors that you have :D The more opaque colors give beautiful results with just a single thin coat and the sheer ones you might have to do another coat to get an opaque look. If you dont have too many colors you can purchase the small bottles of nail polish available in local brands as well as kits which are pretty inexpensive and be good for thousands of enamel dots! The amount of nail polish I used here for each color was probably equal to applying it on the nails of both your hands at one time and no the nail polish does not get affected in any way, brush or polish both.

Most of them were opaque, a few were sheer and the dark blue has a metallic shine, didnt try out any glitter ones but imagine the possibilities! You can mix colors to make new shades or apply glitter nail polishes over opaque colors and so on…

Apply a thin coat and dont worry if you can see the strokes through sheer ones, will all work out in the end. I left them on the sheet for a few hours to make sure they were nice and dry and then went back with a second coat on the ones that were too sheer.



Now a few colors didnt work out too well, the maroon from Color Studio Professional (which i tried separately) wasnt all that sheer but didnt give a very ‘opaque’ look, the yellow was still sheer after the second coat and the white polish apparently wasnt a good quality and was too streaky. If you get polish on your sheet, dont worry about that either, breaks off the dot easily and the remaining on the sheet easily can be cleaned with rubbing a little polish remover on a cotton ball.


So here is the final look again! Love them and they look super cute! and Aisha thought so too! :D


Hope you all like them and make some of your own. If you do, do share pictures on instagram and tag me there @thecreativeelement :) Will be back mid-week with another post for you all.

Until then,
Amna xx


– Glue Gun
– Glue Sticks
– Craft Sheet
– Nail Polishes
– Nail Polish Remover (to clean up)

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      Im so glad you dropped by my blog :D Thank you so so much Laura!
      AND yes please do try, they turn out fabulous just a bit higher in terms of height than the store bought ones but so much fun to use as many as one wants :)

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