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Artful Crafting – Challenge 5 Brights

Welcoming you all back to Artful Crafting’s 5th Challenge ‘Brights’. The 4th challenge saw a number of wonderful entries and we are so looking forward to your entries for this new challenge as well :) Hop over to the Artful Crafting blog to review the details to enter into this challenge.

So the kit I received had 3 wonderful colors of distress paint and a set of Artful Crafting tag blanks. This was my first time I was experimenting with distress paints and it turned out to be so much fun!


Distress Paints are very fluid acrylic paints and have a number of properties that make them different from other products in the distress line. Firstly, they are opaque, secondly they react with water only when they are wet and once they are dry they are permanent, thirdly the colors retain their original colors when combined with other paints and hence produce beautiful marbling effects.

I decided to test out the marbling effects with these three colors combined. I selected 4 of the tags I wanted to use for the piece and took out my water filled mini mister. Even though I had to refill it a number of times from start to end but I still love the way you get an even spray from them. The paints have a mixing ball in them and so I gave them a good shake and depressed the foam on the top to release some of the paint onto my craft mat. They gave them a good spray with water and dragged the tag through them holding it from the top. Then passed it through the same from one side and then passed it again till it was fully covered with the paint.





Now I could have let the tag air-dried but I was feeling a bit impatient and took out my heat gun and dried it all up. Loved loved the result! The pictures just dont do justice to the marbling and you have to try it out yourself to believe it! :D


I went ahead with the other 3 tags too all in the same way and then heat dried them as well. Now I took a 6×6 sheet from MME paper pad I had on hand, picked some simple stories alphabet stickers and some brads and the text stamp.


I ended up stamping all the tags with various grunge stamps and then realized I hadnt taken pictures along the way :/ but nothing to it there, just inking up some stamps with pigment ink and stamping on to the tags. Now in the rush I had happened to stamp the butterfly in the wrong direction of the tag, so I had to invert the biggest tag and well the writing became upside down but im sure none of you noticed before i mentioned it ;)


I took a piece of double pasted board and laid out my tags the way I wanted them and spelled out ‘Dream’ using white alphabet stickers (the black seemed to blend with the stamping too much) on the largest of the tags. Now, the sad part, my camera battery died on me and there wasnt any electricity either so I couldnt take more pictures of the process, the daily woes of living in Pakistan :( Ill do my best here to explain in words what followed.


Adhered the paper to the board using double sided tape and trimmed of the excess to leave a 6×6 panel. Adhered the tags to the panel using double sided tape as well. Took my round nose jewellery pliers to poke holes for the brads now that the tags were in place and then added the brads. Now the white stickers were looking too pale so i added yellow ones on top of them, in the end i was thinking maybe the white might have looked better but oh well. Then I used the distress paint foam daubers on top directly on to the edges of the panel starting with the seedless preserves, then mustard seed and salty ocean on the corners to give a distressed edge. Now the fluid consistency of these paints are perfect to add paint splatters with the paintbrush and I went ahead and did that too using the blue and the yellow, I thought there was already too much purple going on in the tags already. Added a few prima say it in crystal bling and voila ‘Dream Bright’! :P


It was a simple project but I had a lot of fun along the way. Hope you all like it and give distress paints a try. Artful Crafting has the entire range of colors and my I cant wait to get my hands on a few more too!

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!
Until next time xx


Distress Paint Mustard Seed
Distress Paint Seedless Preserves
Distress Paint Salty Ocean
– Artful Crafting Tag Blanks

– Stamps
– Black Pigment Ink
– MME Paper Stack
– Alphabet Stickets
– Prima Say it in Crystals
– Heat Gun
– Double Sided Tape
– Brads

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  1. Anaum Janjua says:

    I’ve been having a lot of fun with the swooshing, and i often call it smooching because that’s what it looks like xD gotta try this one too!!!!

    • Amna says:

      Im so glad, do try the marbling with the paints, ull love it! :) looking forward to your entry in this challenge :)

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